Success Story

Oertli® Instrumente AG was founded by Heinz A. Oertli in 1955. Manual skill and creative ideas boosted rapidly developing ophthalmological surgery. Apart from manual instruments of remarkable "Swiss Quality", genuinely pioneering products such as implants for enucleation (1957), sterile suture material and acus material (1959) were produced at an early stage.

International establishment of Oertli Instrumente AG began from 1965 with the development of the first instruments Europe-wide for the removal of the vitreous body (vitrectomy) in collaboration with Prof. Rudolf Klöti (Zurich, Switzerland). This pioneering act made retina operations possible for the first time ever. Since then, Oertli has kept its leading position in this field and has assured it with ground-breaking equipment for cataract surgery. The brand name Oertli® and the symbol of the eagle enjoy high esteem throughout the world.  We are an independent company in family ownership and proud of our manufacturing base in the St.Galler Rheintal where we employ over 170 people.

1955 Foundation by Heinz A. Oertli
1965Pioneering work in vitrectomy in collaboration with Prof. Klöti
1971Invention: first vitrectomy cutter “Klöti”
1972Invention: first ophthalmological bipolar diathermy
1974 Invention: first surgical platform for vitrectomy
1980 Invention: first contamination free cassette concept
1985Invention: first dual linear foot pedal
1991Invention: first bipolar capsulotomy
1991Introduction: Orbit operation system
1992Company aquicistion by Andreas Bosshard
1994Market launch: Quinto operation system
1996Invention: first Venturi/Peristaltic dual pump system
1997 Market launch: CataRhex portable phaco system
2001Invention: HFDS (High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy)
2002Introduction: OS3 surgery system for anterior and posterior surgery
2004Market launch: CataRhex SwissTech high intelligence phaco system
2005Invention: first pneumatic cutter for 23G & 25G
2006Market launch: tips for CO-MICS 1.6 mm cataract surgery
2006Introduction: pars plana micro-incision system for 23G & 25G
2007Introduction: Goodlight® metal halide light source
2008 Invention: first autoseal parsplana trocar cannula system
2008Invention: easyPhaco® Technology for CO-MICS 1.8 mm
2009Invention: easyPhaco® Technology for 2.2 mm
2009Introduction: farosTM combined surgery platform
2010Oertli wins SVC entrepreneur trophy
2010Invention: easyPhaco® Technology for 2.8 mm
2010Managing change to the second generation of the familiy Bosshard
2011Introduction: autoseal parsplana trocar cannula one step system
2012Market launch: advanced Goodlight®LED light source
2013Introduction: Quick Tips with Safety Design for I/A
2013Market launch: CataRhex 3® third generation of portable phaco system
2013 Invention: CortexModeTM
pump system
2014Introduction: 25G Caliburn parsplana trocar cannula system
2014Product portofolio expansion with DEX retina forceps
2015Introduction: OS4 premium surgery platform
2015Introduction: Continuous Flow-Cutter
2015Invention: SPEEP tri-pump system
2016Oertli wins Rheintal economy award
2017Introduction: Membrane FEELceps™