Introducing Membrane FEELceps™


Forceps manipulations at the retina are sensitive and delicate maneuvers. Each surgeon needs intuition and accuracy to work with the smallest instruments in the posterior segment. Therefore, Oertli has not only a standard solution for forceps. The name FEELceps is a word combination of feeling and forceps. With the FEELceps™, the surgeon feels each maneuver right at the fingertip. More than ever, a better controlled instrument delivers better results for the surgeon and the patient.

The new forceps line provides the following key features and benefits:  

•               Minimal activation force
•               Strong holding force of tissue
•               Anti-shredding finish
•               Short, absolute linear stroke
•               Great responsiveness
•               Precise 360° actuation

Please find more information about the Membrane FEELceps™ in the product filter as well as in the flyer.