Endo laser: laser integration of the highest precision

The OS 4 offers a true laser function without making any compromises – thanks to the fully integrated 532nm endo laser. In Oertli’s surgical device, key switch, laser exit and emergency stop are arranged beside other connections with ergonomic perfection. When activating the laser function, the OS 4 pedal becomes the laser pedal – instantly and without any manipulations required. This way, the endo laser has found its optimum place in the surgical process. 

The steerable laser probe can be inserted and taken out safely and you can control it with the slightest touch of your finger – the pioneering spirit of the OS 4 also becomes evident in the endo laser sector. With the steerable laser probe by Oertli, the movability of the endo laser tip opens up access far in to the periphery and allows for the setting of a whole row of laser points by a most gentle movement of your fingertips. 

Advantages of the endo laser

  • Fully integrated 532 nm endo laser
  • Laser controllable via the same pedal
  • Ready for action in the shortest time possible
  • Unique steerable laser probes
  • Large selection of laser probes available

Instruments and accessories

Laser probe,  disposable
VK400123 Laser probe, steerable, 23G Sterile/single use, box of 10
VK400125 Laser probe, steerable, 25G Sterile/single use, box of 10
VK400101 Laser probe, straight, 20G Sterile/single use, box of 10 
VK400103 Laser probe, straight, 23G Sterile/single use, box of 10 
VK400105 Laser probe, straight, 25G Sterile/single use, box of 10 
VK400111 Laser probe, curved, 20G Sterile/single use, box of 10
VK400113 Laser probe, flexible curved 23G Sterile/single use, box of 10
VK400115 Laser probe, flexible curved 25G Sterile/single use, box of 10


Laser accessories, reusable
F18.P1E01.1001MED Filter impact OD6+, blocked wavelength 532 nm
340833 User Protection Filter Zeiss / HS Moeller Microscope
340846 User Protection Filter Leica Microscope
340990 User Protection Filter Topcon Microscope 



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