Membrane FEELcepsTM – more than just forceps

FEELceps stands for peeling with incredible precision and control. The FEELceps – derived from FEEL and forceps – do their name justice. Using the FEELceps, the surgeon can literally feel every manoeuvre directly at its fingertip – a well controllable instrument delivers better results for the surgeon and patients alike. The FEELceps only require little activation force and can be operated in a gentle and fatigue-free manner. At the same time, they ensure enormous holding power and are able to grip tissues strongly and reliably. 

Advantages of FEELceps™

  • Very little strength required when using it
  • Strong holding power of tissues
  • No stripping of membrane thanks to smooth finish surface
  • Short, exactly linear activation path
  • Superb reactivity
  • Precise 360°actuation of handgrip
  • Ideal geometry of gripping surfaces

Instruments and accessories

Membrane FEELceps™, disposable
VV200013 Membrane FEELceps, symmetrical, 23G Sterile/single use, box of 10
VV200015 Membrane FEELceps, symmetrical, 25G Sterile/single use, box of 10
VV200023 Membrane FEELceps, asymmetrical, 23G Sterile/single use, box of 10
VV200025 Membrane FEELceps, asymmetrical, 25G Sterile/single use, box of 10



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