NEW: Illumination and laser in one instrument

The peripheral eye tissue is not easily accessible and difficult to make visible? – No longer now! With the introduction of illuminated laser probes, we have THE all in one retinal solution with which peripheral retinal defects can be treated even more easily, safely and more efficient than before. Use our illuminated laser probes in combination with our ViPer scleral indentor –  indenting, illuminating and laser in one instrument.

With illuminated laser probes the light fibre and laser fibre are lead through the same cannula. The diameters of the fibres are therefore smaller. To ensure that the laser performance set on the device is always reliably transmitted to the eye through these smaller laser fibres, the fibre coupling in the OS 4 device has been further developed. This new fibre coupling ensures easy application of all laser probes that are contained in the Oertli range – irrespectively of whether they are illuminated or not.

The illuminated laser probes have a standard SMA and our Oertli comfort magnet connection and are available as of now in the following versions:

Product frontal lateral Illuminated laser probe OS 4, straight

Straight: 27G

Product frontal lateral Illuminated laser probe OS 4, flexible curved

Curved & flexible curved: 20G, 23G, 25G