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Have you ever wondered who invented phacoemulsification? Do you know why the markets in Asia and South America differ so significantly? And what makes eagle eyes so extraordinary?

Join us as we explore these intriguing questions and unravel the fascinating world of ophthalmology.

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We make eye surgery EASIER, SAFER and more efficient

No matter whether it is cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery or vitrectomy surgery: all our surgical devices, instruments and consumables have been designed with the highest degree of consistency to meet the needs of both surgeons and OR personnel.

With our surgical platforms, we make unique use of the immense advantages of physics and fluidics. This makes eye surgeries safer, simpler and more efficient, enabling you to work more precisely and speedily. Our instruments are tailor-made precision tools that have been perfectly attuned to the conditions in the eye as well as to surgeons’ needs. Our innovative technologies have set benchmarks for decades – thanks to Oertli, surgeons throughout the world deliver top performance in ophthalmology.

Three devices – one philosophy

Best quality in eye surgery

Cataract Glaucoma Vitrectomy

Oertli offers three surgical platforms for specific needs and requirements. No matter whether it is the all-in-one platform, the all-round talent or the mobile device – the three surgical platforms by Oertli are the perfect assistance for eye surgeons and OR personnel.


Field of application

Cataract Glaucoma Vitrectomy

Phaco is the surgery applied most frequently. With easyPhaco, we have raised phaco emulsification to a new level. easyPhaco makes optimum use of fluidics, it makes fluidics its friend, an additional tool. The easyPhaco technology has been developed for safe and efficient phacoemulsification. Thanks to Oertli's unique fluidic concept, easyPhaco allows a direct fragment followability and provides a strong fragment holdability. The occluded fragments absorb the U/S energy and are then aspirated efficiently without clogging. The seven times higher infusion capacity allows a constant intraocular pressure for a stable anterior chamber. easyPhaco is available for incisions from 1.6 mm to 2.8 mm.


Field of application

Cataract Glaucoma Vitrectomy

HFDS or High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy is a particularly simple and fast method in micro-invasive glaucoma surgery; it relies on bipolar high-frequency diathermy. Here, direct access from the anterior chamber to the Schlemm’s canal is created, which results in a drastically reduced outflow resistance of the trabecular network. The HFDS method offers an effective and sustained decrease in pressure and a very low complication rate.


Field of application

Cataract Glaucoma Vitrectomy

The Continuous Flow Cutter belongs to the most current innovations in vitrectomy surgery. The trendsetting cutting concept ensures continuous flow without any perceivable pressure fluctuations and enables optimum portioning of the vitreous body. Thanks to the SPEEP pump, the Continuous Flow Cutter obtains an even higher degree of precision.

OS 4


Product OS4 View Frontal

There is no room for compromises or half-hearted things in areas where quality and precision are decisive. Surgical interventions in the eye require the surgeon’s full attention and competence. The surgeon, in return, needs to rely on the best possible technology and most reliable systems. Only in this way can the transition from a good to a perfect surgical result be made. Oertli makes the difference – with the OS4, the top-class surgical platform for vitrectomy surgery, glaucoma surgery and cataract surgery.

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Product Faros View Frontal

When surgeries are performed, there is no time to struggle
with complex menu structures and cumbersome operating
procedures. That is why the Faros surgical platform has
been geared to absolute user-friendliness. The compact Faros is optionally available as a device for the anterior segment or as a combined system for both the anterior and posterior segments.

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Product Catarhex 3 View Frontal

The CataRhex 3 surgical platform from Oertli proves that great things sometimes come in small packages. With unbeatably compact dimensions and a lightweight at just five kilograms, the CataRhex 3 is systematically focused on mobility and portability – without compromising on performance. With the new SPEEP pump and the familiar easyPhaco technology, we have developed an effective tool for simple, safe and efficient work in routine surgery.

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Cataract Glaucoma Vitrectomy
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