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We make eye surgery EASIER, SAFER and more efficient

All our surgical devices, instruments and consumables have been designed with the highest degree of consistency to meet the needs of both surgeons and OR personnel.

With our surgical platforms, we make unique use of the immense advantages of physics and fluidics. This makes eye surgeries safer, simpler and more efficient, enabling you to work more precisely and speedily. Our instruments are tailor-made precision tools that have been perfectly attuned to the conditions in the eye as well as to surgeons’ needs. Our innovative technologies have set benchmarks for decades – thanks to Oertli, surgeons throughout the world deliver top performance in ophthalmology.


Field of application

Phaco is the surgery applied most frequently. easyPhaco technology is developed for safe and efficient phacoemulsification. Oertli uses the benefits of fluidics based on physics to control flow and vacuum with the aim to achieve smooth followability and high holdability. Due to longitudinal tip movements, the occluded fragments absorb the ultrasound energy and are then efficiently aspirated. A stable anterior chamber is facilitated by an infusion capacity that is seven times higher than the outflow capacity, which helps to maintain a stable intraocular pressure.

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CataRhex 3


The CataRhex 3 surgical platform from Oertli proves that great things sometimes come in small packages. With compact dimensions and a lightweight at just 11 lbs, the CataRhex 3 is systematically focused on mobility and portability – without compromising on performance. With the new SPEEP pump and the familiar easyPhaco technology, we developed a platform with the aim of an effective tool for simple, safe and efficient work in routine surgery.

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