The CataRhex 3 in cataract surgery

The CataRhex 3 is designed with the goal to make cataract surgery quick, safe, calm and, thanks to its exceptional mobility, accessible everywhere. The space-saving and portable surgical platform enables cataract surgery in modern high-performance operating theatres and under difficult conditions or special circumstances.


In the development of cataract surgery, capsulorhexis created a milestone. It leads to greater safety in interventions and reduces the risk of radial capsule ruptures significantly. Work on the anterior lens capsule with needle or forceps is still regarded the standard procedure in phaco interventions. However, the Femto laser assisted capsulorhexis has gained increasing importance in the last few years. Oertli has successfully taken another path – using Bipolar capsulotomy developed in joint collaboration with Professor Rudolf Klöti, Zurich.

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Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed worldwide. For surgical treatment of cataract, phaco – short for phacoemulsification – is the gold standard. A small tunnel incision is made in the cornea, which closes again by itself after the operation. A hollow needle is inserted through this incision during the operation. The lens nucleus is then emulsified using ultrasonic energy and aspirated. For this procedure, Oertli provides easyPhaco technology, which was developed for safe and efficient emulsification.

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Irrigation / aspiration

With irrigation and aspiration instruments, the supply of irrigation fluid and the aspiration of lens material can be combined directly in one work step. Oertli offers I/A instruments and tips with a Safety Design, which together with the SPEEP pump are an ideal combination for the removal of lens material (cortex).

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Image application HFDS glaucoma tip


Diathermy is used in manifold ways in cataract surgery and can be a sensible alternative to capsulorhexis and forceps, e.g. when it comes to capsule opening. Thanks to sophisticated
technologies, the surgical platforms from Oertli enable fine and directly controlled dosing of high-frequency energy. Therefore, applications of bipolar technology such as HFDS or endo-diathermy can be performed even more precisely and safely.

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Anterior vitrectomy

In anterior vitrectomy, the vitreous body content is removed, and generally, a replacement fluid is inserted. The procedure is used, for instance, in the case of a loss of lens fragments in the vitreous body following a posterior capsule rupture. In such cases, Oertli brings to bear the advantages of both physics and fluidics in a highly impressive manner – safe and traction-free.

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