Bipolar Capsulotomy

Since its introduction in 1991, bipolar capsulotomy has been used for opening the lens capsule in countless cases. The bipolar energy cuts the capsular bag with high-frequency, rather than the traditional tearing by forceps or needles. This method allows for a gentle sliding of the capsulotomy tip over tissues, even under the iris.

The Oertli capsulotomy is suited for indications such as traumatic cataract, intumescent cataract and especially for juvenile cataract. Also, for cases with no fundus reflex, narrow pupils, out-of-control rhexis, or rhexis phimosis. In addition, the capsulotomy tip can be used for hypermature cataract without requiring additional capsule staining.

Advantages of bipolar capsulotomy

  • An easy alternative to capsulorhexis
  • Cutting the capsular bag without tearing with forceps
    or needles
  • Applicable for various indications

Instruments and accessories

VE201710 Diathermy handpiece, long, reusable
VE201712 Diathermy handpiece, short, reusable
VE201726 Capsulotomy tip, standard, reusable
VE201730 Capsulotomy tip, extended tip, for capsular phimosis, reusable

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