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Honored with the Swiss Medtech Award


We are the proud winner of the prestigious Swiss Medtech Award, worth CHF 75,000.

The Swiss Medtech Award, established in 2018, has become one of the most important awards in the Swiss medical technology sector. This prestigious innovation award recognizes outstanding achievements in the Swiss medical technology industry.

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André Augen Medizinprodukte is changing its trade name into Oertli Ophthalmedic Österreich.


In recent years we transferred our subsidiaries from Switzerland and Germany to the Oertli Ophthalmedic brand. With the renaming of the Austrian subsidiary, we strengthen the new brand and establish synergies to achieve the growth objectives set for the DACH region.

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Explore our Lean Factory online


Our Lean Factory has been fully operational since the winter of 2023 and smoothly combines efficiency and sustainability. With a substantial area of 11,000 square meters across three levels, the modern building promotes collaboration among various internal company disciplines.

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The Oertli Bio Lab


Shortly after the opening of the new building, we put our own bio-laboratory into operation as a further milestone. This enables us to deepen our knowledge of biocompatibility and opens up new possibilities in research and development.

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Official opening ceremony of the Lean Factory


On Wednesday, 25th October, we celebrated the official opening of our new Lean Factory together with high-ranking personalities from business and politics. The evening was filled with great experiences, insights into our new production facility and an enjoyable evening.

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Peristaltic, Venturi or SPEEP - A new choice of pump systems


Discover now how our 3-pump system works and explore their applications in ophthalmic surgery with this new tissue from The Ophthalmologist in close collaboration with Prof Matthias Bolz.

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AAO 2023: Discover innovation at our booth 1615


We're delighted to welcome you to booth 1615, where we're highlighting the latest advancements in vitreoretinal, glaucoma and cataract surgery, along with the state-of-the-art machinery driving these breakthroughs in ophthalmology.

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Oertli Ophthalmedic Deutschland GmbH


From Oertli Deutschland to Oertli Ophthalmedic Deutschland

Founded in 2018, Oertli Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH is now trading as Oertli Ophthalmedic Deutschland GmbH - the new and strong competence and sales platform in Germany for ophthalmology with important essentials and tailor-made services.

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The new Oertli Ophtha Lab


We have launched the ‘Oertli Ophtha Lab’ at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The highly specialised lab will be used as a flexible research laboratory for our new technologies.

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EU-MDR Certification granted!


We proudly announce that we have been certified according to the EU Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017/745 on our Quality System and our complete product portfolio.

This great result is a joint effort by many of our employees across all departments and divisions of our company. We have achieved this goal with a concentrated load of internal expertise, the intensive blocks of work carried out and an always outstanding teamwork.

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Meet us during the AAO 2022 in Chicago at Booth 3203


Gather up in Chicago for the AAO 2022.

Chicago is the place to be for the upcoming AAO 22. Join the #teamoertli from 1st to 3rd October on booth no. 3203

Get to know all about our latest innovations for your vitreoretinal, glaucoma and cataract surgery.

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How to move away from factory settings


Factory settings on your surgical platform are good to know your phaco device. But there is much more to discover when moving on from factory settings on your Oertli phaco device.

Dr John Bolger from the My-iClinic in London is convinced that leaving factory settings behind evolves your phaco technique to the next level.

Find out how to set a new standard with your own settings.

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Office-based cataract surgery with the CataRhex 3


Office-based cataract surgery has become increasingly popular among refractive cataract surgeons in the US.

Jack S. Parker MD explains the four main reasons why he chose to rely on the Swiss-engineered CataRhex 3 for his modern office-based surgery suite at Parker Cornea in Birmingham, Alabama in the current tissue of CRST.

Find out why the CataRhex 3 fits in any in-office suite.

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Oertli Ophthalmedic Schweiz AG


Breaking News!

Oertli Instrumente AG makes the difference in eye surgery. Domedics makes the difference with essential products and services for ophthalmology. Into the future, we go together.

Through our acquisition of Domedics AG, we are making a sustainable investment in the future. Therefore, it is with great joy and pride that we present to you today the new sales brand in the Swiss ophthalmology sky.

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Christoph Bosshard and Thomas Bosshard

With two Co-CEOs into the future


Oertli Instrumente AG has developed very well over the past years. The consistent implementation of our strategy, a sustainable innovative strength and constant investments in our employees and infrastructure have made Oertli a world brand in ophthalmic surgery.

With continuous growth behind us and the consistent implementation of our long-term strategy, Christoph and Thomas Bosshard will manage the company as Co-CEOs in the future.

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High-Frequency Capsulotomy technology


Capsulorhexis is an essential step during cataract surgery. The most common method is the continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (CCC).

What about our proven HF Capsulotomy technology? Prof Burkhard Dick relies on our gentle alternative with high-frequency energy. Moreover, Prof Dick is convinced: “It ensures a perfect control in the setting of high intracapsular pressure.“

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Meet us at the ASCRS 2022 in Washington, D.C.


Between 23th and 25th April 2022, we will be represented at the ASCRS 2022 of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in Washington, D.C., with our booth. The following highlights await you at our booth #2503.

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29th WinterAcademy


The ideal training for future ophthalmologists 👁️

The WinterAcademy by mts – The Wetlab Company has been one of the most popular hands-on courses for cataract and retinal surgery for almost 30 years. Around 15 recognized experts share their valuable knowledge in theory as well as in practice. Since the first WinterAcademy, participants learn how to further develop their skills with our surgical platforms and instruments. A win-win situation for everyone.

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Jeff Pettey - Why he uses the CataRhex 3 for the most difficult cataract cases


For the most difficult cataract cases, Jeff Pettey, MD from the Moran Eye Center relies on the incomparable power of the CataRhex 3. 

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The new easyPhaco® handpiece


The new easyPhaco handpiece offers surgeons optimized phaco performance over the entire product lifetime as well as more user comfort.

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Aaron Waite - How to work with the CataRhex 3


When a surgeon purchases a new surgical platform for his cataract procedures, there are a few things to consider. Aaron Waite MD fondly remembers working with us when our CataRhex 3 was introduced to his eye clinic Waite Vision. He is still amazed how we managed to fit all surgical requirements into a mobile and 5 kg compact surgical device.

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Oertli and Domedics go into the future together


Oertli Instrumente AG takes over the majority of shares of Domedics AG, Dättwil. The majority shareholder and managing director of Domedics, Carlo Pizzera, is thus arranging his succession in a long-term and sustainable manner.

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How does easyPhaco work in practical use?


This new animation shows how easyPhaco works in practical use. The easyPhaco technology has been developed for safe and efficient phacoemulsification. Thanks to Oertli's unique fluidic concept, easyPhaco allows a direct fragment followability and provides a strong fragment holdability. Make the difference now with easyPhaco.

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Second U.S. Oertli User Meeting


We are happy to invite you to our second U.S. Oertli User Meeting. Between July 23th - 25th we will be held the U.S. User Meeting at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Join us on July 24th for interesting cataract topics from surgeons to surgeons. Or take part on Sunday, July, 25th and join our wetlab and experience the new CataRhex 3 with the new and unique SPEEP pump.

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Re-launch CataRhex 3 with SPEEP


We have enhanced the CataRhex 3 with our unique pump technology. More efficiency and precision is from now on ensured by the addition of the SPEEP pump technology in the CataRhex 3. The unique SPEEP pump gives you precise control of flow and vacuum. This ensures more efficiency and precision in your cataract surgery.

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Join us at the virtual #SAoO2021


We will be attending the virtual SAoO this year from 3 until 5 march 2021. We cannot wait to network with you and we would love to catch up at our virtual booth or at the Oertli Satellite Symposium.

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Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Lean Factory


The groundbreaking ceremony marked the start of the construction work for the Lean Factory in Berneck. The two co-owners Christoph and Thomas Bosshard as well as the entire management with Andreas Schmidheini, Chairman of the Board of Directors, together with the architects Markus Bänziger and Björn Lutze of Bänziger Lutze Architektur AG and Bruno Seelos, Mayor of Berneck, celebrated the groundbreaking and the new Lean Factory project.

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New Director of the Board at Oertli


Andreas Bosshard, co-owner and former managing director of Oertli Instrumente AG, handed over the chairmanship of the board into new hands; into the capable hands of Andreas Schmidheini. The Board of Directors was reorganised as of 1st January 2020.

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Join the virtual experience


We are eagerly awaiting the first virtual congress of ESCRS and Euretina. Visit our virtual booth between October 2 - 4 and take the chance to get in touch with our team of experts via LIVE chat and get informed about the latest innovations.

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Launch of single trocar with incision knife


We are pleased to present our latest addition to the product range, which is the single packed trocar. The trocar with its integrated lock membrane prevents the outflow of BSS, air and oil, which results in a constant IOP during the whole surgery. Thanks to its excellent holding power and optimum shaft length, the Caliburn trocar system boasts even more safety and more comfort. The infusion tube, with its patented snap lock, can be placed in a new position any time during surgery, which additionally increases flexibility.

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Oertli at the WOC


For the first time ever the World Ophthalmology Congress from the International Council of Ophthalmology will be held virtually from 26 – 29 June 2020. Over 2’000 presentations from experts and industry will be showcased in the scientific program: live and pre-recorded sessions, satellite symposia and a brand new virtual exhibition.

We are looking forward meeting you at our virtual booth. Stay curious about our activities during the WOC 2020.

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YouTube Channel from Oertli


We have new content for you! Our YouTube channel is now online. With different categories such as "Showcase" or "Spotlight", we want to show you how we make the difference in cataract, glaucoma and retina surgery.

Subscribe to our channel to be up to date!

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Oertli on Social Media


Be part of the growing Oertli community!

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and we keep you updated with interesting stories from the Oertli world.


Our mention: @oertliinstrumenteag

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Aaron knows how to make the difference!


In the current issue of Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe (CRST Europe), Aaron Waite explains why CataRhex 3 has found its way into his operating room. Waite is enthusiastic about the handiness the CataRhex 3 offers. He also explains that the excellent fluidics of the CataRhex 3 brings added value to all of his cataract surgeries.

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Fabio Patelli confirms versatility of OS 4


In the October issue of the Retina Today magazine, Patelli describes his positive experiences with the OS 4. He is particularly impressed, by the three-pump system with the peristaltic and Venturi pump as well as the unique SPEEPMode. With the Caliburn trocar system, he perfectly controls the intraocular pressure thanks to the integrated membrane. He recommends the OS 4 especially to surgeons for vitreoretinal surgery.

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Preliminary course programme 27th WinterAcademy


Since 27 years, Oertli supports the WinterAcademy, which is organized by MTS – the wetlab company. The practical and instructive academy takes place from 22nd – 27th March 2020 for the first time in Bregenz (Austria).

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Agenda 2020 is online


You would like to know at which congress we attend?
Our agenda 2020 is online now!

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New distribution partner in Spain


We are happy to welcome the company W.M. BLOSS, S.A. to the Oertli family.

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Extension of the OS 4 laser probes portfolio


Find out more here.

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27G range extended


We have extended our 27G range.

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Booth talks @ ESCRS


Don't miss our booth talks and get in touch with renowned personalities from the world of ophthalmology.

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Discover Paris - with our ESCRS City Guide


Download our popular City Guide now.

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New silicone oil application solution


The new Oertli silicone application sets deliver extraordinary fast injection and extraction of silicone oil.

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News at the DOC


Visit us at the DOC from 23th - 25th May at our booth VI10.

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We have enlarged spatially!


In January 2019 we moved into our new premises.

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Oertli @ APAO Congress in Bangkok


Oertli will be exhibiting its latest product portfolio at the upcoming APAO congress from 6th – 9th March 2019

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Visit us @ CSTILIS Congress in Florida


From the 7th – 9th February 2019 the CSTILIS Congress will take place in Florida. We are happy to convince you of the advantages of our mobile cataract machine CataRhex 3®

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Preliminary Course Programme 26th WinterAcademy


The educational winter academy in Mayrhofen (AT) will take place from 17th to 22nd of March 2019. This event is organized by MTS - the wetlab company

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MAKING THE DIFFERENCE IN QUALITY: Renewal of the ISO 13485 Certificate


We are proud that we have passed the test in accordance with the new ISO 13485 2016 guidelines and that we have received the new certificate.

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Agenda 2019 is online


In our agenda 2019 you will find all exhibitions and training sessions where Oertli presents news and innovations.

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Making the Difference


Oertli makes the difference between a standard and an optimized postoperative result. This brand message “Making the Difference” shaped the new Corporate Design of the family business.

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New direct distribution in Germany


As from January 1st, 2018 the company Oertli Instrumente Deutschland GmbH will start its first business year.

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Winteracademy’s silver jubilee 2018


From March 18th until 23rd 2018 the well-liked Winteracademy is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the beautiful Zillertal, in Mayrhofen, AT.

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Video Lecture by Dr. Francisco Sanchez


At the ASCRS 2017 in Los Angeles, Dr. Francisco Sanchez from Acapulco (Mexico) held a speech about the magic of the portable phaco platform - the CataRhex 3.

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Preliminary Course Programme 24th Winter Academy


The well-liked Winter Academy in Schruns/AT will take place from 26th to 31th March 2017 for the 24thtime already. From the beginning, Oertli has been supporting this event which is run by MTS – the wetlab company

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