We have enhanced the CataRhex 3 with our unique pump technology. More efficiency and precision is from now on ensured by the addition of the SPEEP pump technology in the CataRhex 3. The unique SPEEP pump gives you precise control of flow and vacuum. This ensures more efficiency and precision in your cataract surgery.

The SPEEP pump combines the advantages of the flow-controlled peristaltic pump with the sportiness of the Venturi pump. Flow and vacuum can be controlled independently of each other. This results in the desired control over fluidics and takes efficiency and safety to a new level. You experience a distinct sense of control, whether with speedy nucleus preparation or with fine capsule polishing. See for yourself and experience the new CataRhex 3 with our unique SPEEP pump technology.

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Experience the SPEEP pump

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Experience the SPEEP pump

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