The OS 4 in cataract surgery

The OS 4 makes cataract surgery incredibly fast, safe and calm. easyPhaco was developed for a safe and efficient phacoemulsification. Capsulorhexis has gained a very gentle and careful alternative with HF capsulotomy. And, in glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgery, the OS 4 offers decisive advantages and superb features.


In the development of cataract surgery, capsulorhexis created a milestone. It leads to greater safety in interventions and reduces the risk of radial capsule ruptures significantly. Work on the anterior lens capsule with needle or forceps is still regarded the standard procedure in phaco interventions. However, the Femto laser assisted capsulorhexis has gained increasing importance in the last few years. Oertli has successfully taken another path – using HF capsulotomy, developed in joint collaboration with Professor Rudolf Klöti, Zurich.

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easyPhaco in application


Cataract surgery is one of the most frequent operative interventions in the world. Phaco – phaco emulsification –  is the golden standard for an operative treatment of cataract. A small cut into the cornea (scleral cut) is performed, which closes itself again after the surgery. A cannula is inserted into the cut. Then, the lens is reduced to small pieces with ultrasound energy, and aspirated afterwards. With its easyPhaco technology, Oertli has taken phaco to an entirely new level – ensuring a stable anterior chamber, direct fragment followability and a smooth fragment aspiration.

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Irrigation / aspiration

Thanks to combined I/A instruments, irrigation (input of irrigation fluid) and aspiration (suction of lens material) can be perfectly performed in one go. Oertli’s surgical platforms enable application for Quick Tips and Safety Design that provide the highest degree of safety in combination with the SPEEP pump when removing residual lens material. 

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Image application HFDS glaucoma tip


Diathermy is used in manifold ways in cataract surgery and can be a sensible alternative to capsulorhexis and forceps, e.g. when it comes to capsule opening. Thanks to the cleverly thought out technology, Oertli surgical platforms have paved the way for extremely fine and directly controllable dosing of high-frequency energy. Therefore, applications of bipolar technology such as HFDS or endo-diathermy can be performed even more precisely and safely.

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Anterior vitrectomy

In anterior vitrectomy, the vitreous body content is removed, and generally, a replacement fluid is inserted. The procedure is used, for instance, in the case of a loss of lens fragments in the vitreous body following a posterior capsule rupture. In such cases, Oertli brings to bear the advantages of both physics and fluidics in a highly impressive manner – safe and traction-free.

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Glaucoma surgery

The HFDS ab interno MIGS procedure from Oertli used in the treatment of glaucoma delivers promising long‑term results.


Vitreoretinal surgery

In vitrectomy surgery, the OS 4 ensures exceptional results thanks to its cleverly thought-out fluidics concept andinnovative instruments.