HF Capsulotomy

Since its launch in 1991, HF capsulotomy has proven itself in hundred thousand of cases as the ideal method for opening lens capsules. By using high-frequency energy, the capsule bag can be melted very easily – totally without any of the usual tearing with forceps and needle. Gently sliding over tissues, and even under the iris using the capsulotomy tip and giving out diathermy power suffices. The capsule edge thus created meets the highest requirements – both intra-operatively and in the long run.

HF capsulotomy is particularly suited for indications such as no fundus reflex, hypermature cataract, traumatic cataract, intumescent cataract, and juvenile cataract. Even in the case of a narrow pupil, a rhexis that out of control or rhexis phimosis, high-frequency capsulotomy ensures the best results.

Advantages of capsulotomy

  • Particularly gentle alternative to capsulorhexis
  • Melting of capsule bag without any tearing with forceps or needle
  • Extremely fine and directly controllable dosing of HF energy
  • Remarkably safe in difficult cases

Instruments and accessories

VE201710 Diathermy handpiece, long, reusable
VE201712 Diathermy handpiece, short, reusable
VE201726 Capsulotomy tip, standard, reusable
VE201730 Capsulotomy tip, extended tip, for capsular phimosis, reusable


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