Innovation in perfection: the 3-pump system in the OS 4

In its OS 4 surgical platform, Oertli has united the very best from two worlds – the peristaltic pump and the Venturi pump. These two pump systems have become established in eye surgery. With the peristaltic pump, the vacuum is created mechanically. A rotating roll milks the tube, and the surgeon can control the rotational speed. This passive vacuum, which can only be built up by occlusion, it is not adjustable but boasts the advantage that the flow can be very finely tuned. This creates positive results, especially with manoeuvres requiring a high degree subtlety. Venturi pumps, on the other hand, create the vacuum by an air current. The vacuum is built up quickly and is adjustable, but the flow is not directly controllable. Therefore, fast action is possible with a Venturi pump, yet, there are restrictions when it comes to work requiring a lot of subtlety. 

In the OS 4, both pumps are at the surgeon’s disposal. Depending on the situation, the surgeon has the comfort to use the pump preferred or the one best suited. The preferred pump can be stored for each programme. The SPEEP pump is based on the proven peristaltic pump. Both the flow (up to 60 ml/min) and the vacuum (up to 650 mmHg) can be precisely dosed. The vacuum can always be adjusted, even with occlusion.


You want to know more?

Watch this presentation from Prof Matthias Bolz about our the pump system.

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The OS 4 is not available for sales in the U.S.