Oertli Ophthalmedic DEUTSCHLAND GMBH

From Oertli Deutschland to Oertli Ophthalmedic Deutschland

Founded in 2018, Oertli Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH is now trading as Oertli Ophthalmedic Deutschland GmbH - the new and strong competence and sales platform in Germany for ophthalmology with important essentials and tailor-made services.

You can look forward to an attractive trading platform. To a motivated and committed team. On exceptional service and professional competence. A broad network and a wide range of opportunities. To a selected product range and quality at the highest level.

Let us make the difference together.

At Oertli Ophthalmedic you get Eye Surgery Essentials from a single source. The range includes first-class products and services for retinal, glaucoma and cataract surgery as well as DMEK. With innovative solutions in impressive quality, Oertli Ophthalmedic makes the difference for users and patients.

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