ESCRS CONGRESS 2023 - Meet us at Booth B416

The countdown has begun, and we are just a few days away from joining the prestigious ESCRS Congress 2023 in Vienna. We are excited to invite you to explore the boundless possibilities that await you around the Oertli brand.

Discover the boundless possibilities at the ESCRS Congress 2023. Join us at booth #B416 for an exciting and engaging program featuring a wide range of activities. Experience captivating booth talks with an international board, participate in the MIGS drylab and Phaco wetlab, and indulge in much more!

One particular highlight you definitely shouldn't miss is the IME Symposium "Phacoemulsification in weak zonules", led by Dr Florian Sutter, which is guaranteed to provide valuable knowledge and expertise in the field.

Get an overview about our activities during the ESCRS 23


Booth Talks

SPEEP - In forward and reverse mode through vitrectomy

Maximum optimization of cataract surgery: An overview of my key phaco technologies

Dynamic Surgery with the Oertli OS 4: Balancing High Fluidics and Safety

Prof Michael Koss, Germany
Eye Doctor and Eye Surgeons Prof. Dr. Koss and colleagues
Friday, 8th September | 16:00
Oertli Booth #B416

Dr Leonardo Torquetti, Brasil
CEO Centro de Excelência em Oftalmologia
Saturday, 9th September | 15:30
Oertli Booth #B416

Dr Emilia Borcz, Poland
Gabinet Okulistyczny Emilia Borcz
OCHO Ośrodek Chirurgii Oka Prof. Zagórskiego, Nowy Sącz
Sunday, 10th September | 10:00
Oertli Booth #B416


iNovation Day

IME Symposium

Near Live Surgery Session

The innovators den: Eyecare pioneers

Thomas Bosshard
Oertli Instrumente AG
Friday, 8th September | 15:15 - 15:50

Phacoemulsification in weak zonules

Dr Florian Sutter, Switzerland
Eye Clinic Herisau and Appenzell
Friday, 8th September | 16:45 - 17:00
Room A3

Subluxated IOL explantation and scleral fixated IOL

Prof Oliver Findl, Austria
Hanusch Hospital
Saturday, 9th September | 15:00 - 15:20
Room A1

MIGS Wetlab

Modern MIGS techniques not using implants

This wetlab's purpose is to familiarise participants with the different MIGS surgical techniques like our glaucoma solution HFDS. Take the chance to learn more about HFDS and get in touch with our experts during the wetlab. You will get instructions about handling HFDS from Dr Gianluca Capello, Italy.

The wetlab will take place on the following dates:

Saturday, 9th September | 10:45 - 13:45 and 15:00 - 18:00

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MIGS Drylab & Phaco Wetlab

With the MIGS Drylab, you will have the chance to get to know our glaucoma solution HFDS in a drylab environment. Ask our experts at the booth for more information about the MIGS Drylab during the ESCRS 23.

The Phaco Wetlab is your opportunity to learn more about cataract surgery directly at our booth. Our experts will be happy to assist you at our booth. Join us at the booth for more information.

Our surgical platforms at ESCRS

FAQ about the ESCRS

What is the ESCRS?

  • The ESCRS stands for the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. It is an esteemed organization dedicated to advancing the field of cataract and refractive surgery in Europe and around the world. The ESCRS is an annual ophthalmology congress.

Where is the ESCRS Congress 2023 ?

  • The ESCRS will take place in Vienna, Austria from 08-12 September 2023. 

Where can i register for ESCRS?

  •  You can register here easily.

Is there a membership for ESCRS?

  • Yes. There is a membership for ESCRS. Become a Member here.

When was the ESCRS founded?

  • Established in 1991, the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) aims to foster education and research in implant and refractive surgery. It also endeavors to stimulate and enhance the study and application of ophthalmology.

Where are the future meetings of ESCRS?

  • All future meetings of the ESCRS you will find on the offical site. The location of the ESCRS 2024 is not published yet.

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