VM Retina Meeting 2024

Dear Colleagues,

We are potentially on the brink of attending the much-anticipated VM Retina Meeting 2024, nestled in the heart of romantic Verona, Italy.

This engaging congregation promises to be a forum of innovation and exchange around retinal health and treatment modalities. While our participation isn't confirmed yet, we are excited about the possibility of joining this enlightening dialogue, and potentially showcasing our advanced solutions for retinal care. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach this event in the city of Romeo and Juliet!

VM Retina Meeting 2024

02 - 04 May 2024

Verona, Italia

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Our possible surgical platforms at VM Retina Meeting

FAQ about VM Retina Meeting

Where exactly will the VM Retina Meeting 2024 take place?

  • The VM Retina Meeting 2024 will take place in Verona, Italia. The Congress location is Palazzo della Gran Guardia.

Who is on the scientific committee of the VM Retina Meeting?

  • In the committee are on the one hand Grazia Pertile from the "Sacro Cuore - Don Calabria" Hospital, in Verona and Siegfried Priglinger from the LMU Klinikum Munich", in Munich.

What is the program of the VM Retina Meeting?

  • The program for the VM Retina Meeting will be published as soon as possible. In the meantime, subscribe to our oertli newsletter.