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Published: 05/04/2023, Reading time: 4 minutes  

Eyes, the windows to the soul, are more than just a pair of organs that allow us to see the world. In fact, eyes are pretty amazing and have a lot of tricks up their sleeves (if they had sleeves, that is).

Once upon a time in Egypt

In ancient Egypt, eyes held a special significance and were regarded as a symbol of protection and healing. Eyes were an important part of Egyptian art and religion, and they were represented in various forms, such as the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra. The Egyptians believed that the eyes had a spiritual power that could ward off evil and protect the body in the afterlife.

The Egyptians also believed that the eyes were the windows to the soul, and they used eye-shaped amulets to protect themselves from harm. These amulets were made of various materials such as gold, silver, and faience and were worn as jewelry or placed in tombs for protection.

In addition to their spiritual significance, the Egyptians were also aware of the physical aspects of the eyes. They recognized different eye diseases and developed various remedies for them. For example, they used honey and other natural substances to treat eye infections.

Ancient egyptian hieroglyphs

Fun Facts about eyes

So, let's take a closer look at some fun facts about our eyes that will make appreciate them even more.

  • Did you know that the human eye can distinguish between 10 million colors? That's a lot of colors! This is all thanks to the cone cells in our retina, which are responsible for color vision. And for those who are curious, the most common eye color in the world is brown, followed by blue.

  • Have you ever wondered why your eyes appear red in photographs? This is because of the blood vessels in your eyes. When a camera flash goes off, it reflects off the back of your eyes, which then bounces back to the camera. Since the flash is so bright, it makes the blood vessels in your eyes appear red.

The rarest eye color in the world is green.
  • In addition to seeing, eyes can also express emotions. The muscles around our eyes, specifically the orbicularis oculi muscle, allow us to convey happiness, sadness, anger, and a range of other emotions. That's why they say the eyes are the windows to the soul.
  • Lastly, did you know that some animals have eyes that are much better than ours? For example, eagles have eyesight that is four to eight times better than humans, and they can see prey from over a mile away. And cats have an ability called "night vision" which allows them to see in the dark because of the reflective cells in their eyes.


Eagles are so fascinating and also our key visual. In honor of the eagle here are a few facts for you!

  • With eyes positioned forward like a valiant superhero, eagles are blessed with remarkable binocular vision, enabling them to accurately gauge distances with the finesse of an expert marksman. Their sight is so incredibly sharp, it's as if they possess the extraordinary superpower of seeing four to eight times better than mere mortals! No wonder they can spot their unsuspecting prey from an astounding two miles away.
  • But wait, there's more! These majestic birds are also equipped with a secret weapon – a mysterious third eyelid known as the nictitating membrane. Like a stealthy spy, this unique feature enables them to keep their eyes moist and refreshed while never missing a beat, allowing them to maintain their ever-watchful gaze.
  • Eagles are not only skilled in the art of long-distance vision, but they also boast an impressive 340-degree field of view, akin to a panoramic camera lens. This enables them to effortlessly scan their surroundings, surveilling the land for potential prey or threats like a master strategist.
  • And let's not forget the pièce de résistance of the eagle's eye – the flattened cornea and elongated eyeball. This extraordinary design works in harmony to focus light with impeccable precision, improving their depth perception to the level of a virtuoso.

So there you have it! Just a few fun facts about the eyes, that prove they are pretty amazing. Let's show our eyes some love and take good care of them. 1

The Oertli eagle

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