Market launch: OS 4 – the next generation is here

The new OS 4 marks the beginning of a new generation of retina, glaucoma and cataract surgery. The revolutionary development of Oertli's sophisticated all-in-one platform ensures even more speed, even more precision and even more safety in the operating theatre.

The highlights undoubtedly include the two Power LED light sources with 45% more power output and extended control range for even more application possibilities, as well as the high-resolution contrast viewing using the Power LED Plus. The integrated endo laser no longer requires manual operation thanks to the fully automated user protection filter. The multifunctional pedal offers over 100 setting options and thus the preferred control for every surgeon. The phaco test is performed in record time and massively speeds up the preparation for surgery. The voice control in five languages increases the user comfort for the surgeon as well as the whole OR team. With the unique 3-pump system, based on physics, you can master any situation.

Make the difference - with the OS 4 from Oertli.

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