With our HFDS (High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy) procedure we rely on a minimally-invasive and implant-free procedure to treat mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma. For a better understanding of the whole procedure we proudly present you our latest promotional material including a detailed animation about the HFDS procedure with a step-by-step guide on the surgery steps, analysis of the latest studies and additional information on the postoperative treatment.

We invite you to learn more about HFDS with this package full of new content. Enjoy!

What is HFDS®?

HFDS (High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy) is the implant-free MIGS solution for glaucoma treatment. But what exactly is HFDS? This video explains in which cases the HFDS procedure is used and which instruments are applied.

The HFDS® procedure

The HFDS (High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy) procedure is an implant-free MIGS procedure to lower intraocular pressure by reducing the outflow resistance of the aqueous humour. In this animation, all surgical steps of the HFDS procedure are explained.

Recent studies & postoperative treatment

With HFDS, a reduction in intraocular pressure is already noticeable in the first few days after the operation. In the following video you will learn why you do not need pressure-reducing eye drops and how the reduction in intraocular pressure is measured using the latest studies.

What do experts say about HFDS®?

In addition to this wonderfully detailed animations, we also have another highlight. Dr Florian Sutter from the Eye Clinic Herisau, Switzerland was with us in the studio and explained in his presentation all the advantages of HFDS and the latest study results.

Glaucoma surgery

In the treatment of glaucoma, Oertli's HFDS ab interno MIGS technique provides excellent long-term results.

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