Worldwide NOVELTY: ViPer ILLUMINATED Scleral IndentOR

The secret to faster, easier and more efficient retinal surgeries? Combining indenting and peripheral illumination with ViPer.

The ViPer (Visible Periphery) simplifies work in the periphery by ensuring simultaneous indenting and transscleral illumination in the posterior eye segment. The indentor boasts a semi-transparent design, making it free from glare and backscattered light. Consistent illumination of the indented tissue guarantees an optimal view of the retinal periphery, while the smooth 360° tip ensures easy application and excellent mobility. A slim profile also ensures sufficient space between the eye speculum and eyeball, minimizing the risk of wrinkle formation and injury to the conjunctiva. Quickly and easily attached to the endo illuminator, ViPer simplifies work in the periphery significantly.

  •    Simultaneous indentation and illumination enables autonomous work
  •     Improved view of the retinal periphery
  •     Glare-free working without backscattered light due to semi-transparent material
  •     Constant illumination of the indented tissue
  •     Closed geometry for safe multiple use during the same surgery
  •     Easy application due to symmetrical 360° shape of the finely rounded tip
  •     Excellent mobility on the eyeball due to smooth material surface
  •     Sufficient space between eye speculum and bulb wall due to thin shaft
  •     No formation of wrinkles, thus no risk of injury to the conjunctiva
  •     Suitable for all new Oertli endo illuminators with square profile