Fast, safe and intuitive

As a multifunctional surgical platform for cutting-edge eye surgery, the CataRhex 3 is a powerful and compact masterpiece of surgical technology. Despite impressive technology, the CataRhex 3 is easily and safely operable in any situation. The display is clear, the user-comfort is high. Everything gives the impression of clarity and simplicity. This makes work for the surgeon and OR personnel understandable and safe. In addition, the surgical platform is ready for start incredibly quickly: within 5 seconds after it has been switched on, the system is ready for operation.


The user-friendliness of the CataRhex 3 reveals itself even prior to the surgery. All connections are easily accessible from the front and placed at the same operational height. All instruments can be plugged in from the front thanks to unmistakable coding. The tubing system can be mounted in a sterile way from the front.

Control panel

The bright displays of the control panel are clear, very well readable, and inform the surgeon precisely of surgical values and settings. The operating buttons are arranged in logical sequence and always have the same function, which can be activated instantly by key pressure. The swivel-mounted display ensures unobstructed view for the surgeon and assistants. In the ParaProg background programme, the various functions have been individually stored for each surgeon and surgical technique. Programming is possible for up to 20 surgeons.

Infusion pole and instrument table

The optional infusion pole and the easily mountable instrument table make the CataRhex 3 a flexible surgical platform.


The linear pedal of the CataRhex 3 is the reliable control unit for surgeons: it is stable, mobile and intuitively controllable. You will find more information on the multifunctional pedal of the CataRhex 3 here.