Pump system: Precision in the smallest space

In the CataRhex 3, the peristaltic principle enables incredibly precise flow control. With the peristaltic pump, the vacuum is created mechanically. A rotating roll milks the tube, and the surgeon can control the rotational speed. This passive vacuum, which can only be built up under occlusion, is not adjustable, but boasts the advantage that the flow can be very finely tuned. This creates positive results, especially with manoeuvres requiring a high degree subtlety. The CataRhex 3 makes best use of this clever method in an unbeatably small and mobile device.

With the pump system of the CataRhex 3, the flow can be perfectly controlled with the pedal. Even small flow rates are always under control. There are no disturbing effects from peristaltic rolls. The patented sensor principle by Oertli monitors the vacuum and recognises the slightest pressure fluctuations rapidly and reliably.

By making clever use of the laws of physics, the CataRhex 3 develops tremendous dynamics and impressive stability, which creates greater safety and easier work, especially in cataract surgery. In addition, easyPhaco technology was developed for a safe and efficient phacoemulsification.