The perfectly precise pump system in the Faros

In the Faros device, the peristaltic principle comes to effect in its highest degree of perfection and enables absolutely precise flow control. With the peristaltic pump, vacuum is created in a mechanical way. A rotating roll milks the tube, and the surgeon can control the rotational speed. This passive vacuum that can only be built up under occlusion, has the advantage that the flow can be very finely varied, resulting in extremely positive effects, especially with manoeuvres requiring a lot of subtlety.

Irrespectively of whether suction is performed very gently or at high power, the flow can always be precisely controlled by the foot pedal thanks to the pump system in the Faros device. Even micro flow rates in the 1 ml range are under control and there are no disturbing effects from peristaltic rolls whatsoever. The patented pressure measuring principle by Oertli prevents the sensor from touching aspiration fluid and even tiniest pressure fluctuations are reliably excluded.

Thanks to clever use of physical laws, the Faros achieves excellent dynamics and highly impressive stability. This way, constant intraocular pressure is always ensured, which is an indispensable prerequisite for safe and successful surgery both in anterior and posterior surgery. In addition, the Caliburn trocar system creates excellent wound tightness in the incisions.