Caliburn trocar system

In vitrectomy, the OS 4 Caliburn trocar system enables highly precise work with very sharp instruments. The lance-shaped needle of the pars plana micro-incision system is characterised by an exceptional driving and cutting force. The razor-sharp Caliburn blade reduces the strength required for penetration to a minimum and results in optimum cutting geometry in the sclera. The slim tunnel incision ensures excellent postoperative wound-tightness and thus fast healing of the wound. 

The trocar with its integrated lock membrane prevents the outflow of BSS, air and oil, which results in a constant IOP during the whole surgery. Thanks to its excellent holding power and optimum shaft length, the Caliburn trocar system boasts even more safety and more comfort. As all trocars have been built in the same way. The infusion tube, with its patented snap lock, can be placed in a new position any time during surgery, which additionally increases flexibility. 

Advantages of Caliburn trocar system:

  • Excellent postoperative wound-tightness
  • New surface finish allowing for even smoother cuts
  • Less resistance when inserting the trocar
  • Integrated doubly slit sealing membrane
  • Patented infusion tube with snap lock for better flexibility
  • Reliably constant IOP during surgery

Instruments and accessories

Caliburn trocar system, disposable
VV123311 Caliburn trocar system, one step, self sealing, 23G Sterile
VV125311 Caliburn trocar system, one step, self sealing, 25G Sterile
VV12731 Caliburn trocar system, one step, self sealing, 27G Sterile
VV123211 Infusion line 6 mm for Caliburn trocar system autoseal 23G Sterile/single use
VV123212 23G infusion trocar with infusion line and mandrel for Caliburn trocar system system Sterile/single use
VV125110 Caliburn trocar system incision template



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