The Oertli silicone application sets deliver extraordinary fast injection and extraction of silicone oil. The trocar based solution saves surgery time as the valve remains in the trocar. There are two choices of visco cannula types. The universal visco cannula is attachable to all gauge sizes and held manually for maximum performance. The snap lock visco cannula is easily snapped in the 23 G Oertli trocar and provides a reliable connection. These cannulas are optimized for premium performance in combination with the Oertli Caliburn trocar system. Maximum user comfort is granted thanks to the easy connection to the OS 4 surgical platform.

Advantages of Oertli silicone oil application set:

  • Extraordinary fast injection
  • Efficient trocar-based extraction
  • Time saving as the valve remains in the trocar
  • Easy connection of adapter tubing for maximum user comfort
  • Snap lock cannula 23 G for safe connections
  • Universal cannula for all Gauge sizes

Instruments and accessories

Silicone oil application set, single use
VV690350 Silicone application set, 10cc
incl. universal visco cannula, 23G, 25G, 27G
VV690340 Universal visco cannula
23G, 25G, 27G
VV690353 Silicone application set, 10cc
incl. snap lock visco cannula, 23G
VV690343 Snap lock visco cannula, 23G
VV690310 Silicone application set, 10cc
incl. cannula, 20G



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