Power LED technology

Brighter, more homogeneous and safer
Thanks to the Power LED light source, the light output is up to 45 per cent greater than the previous generations. The OS 4 has a double light source that provides homogeneous illumination and high durability thanks to its latest Power LED technology. The wide control range is an ideal combination with 3D microscopes, especially in case of low lumens.


Power LED Plus
The colour spectrum of the second light source, the Power LED Plus, can be individually adjusted. To make even the finest tissue structures visible and to enable high-resolution contrast vision, the colours yellow and blue can be mixed as needed.

Advantages of the Power LED technology

  • Power LED technology with double light source for homogeneous illumination and a long service life
  • Power LED with up to 45% more light output[1]
  • Power LED Plus with free choice of colour, yellow and blue can be mixed as desired on the glass touch screen
  • Increased patient safety due to lower phototoxic stress thanks to lower setting options[2]
  • Expanded control range at low lumens, ideal combination with 3D microscope
  • Comfort Connector to all endo illuminators

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Oertli data on file

[1]Compared to previous generation with 27G and 25G endo illuminators at 100% intensity in lumen

[2] Compared to the previous generation with 25G endo illuminators panorama at low lumen with 5 % intensity, working distance 15 mm