GoodLight LED technology

Intraocular illumination is an important factor in cutting-edge vitreoretinal surgery. For precise work in the vitreous body, it is essential that tissue structures are clearly illuminated to ensure best possible contrast. Yet, possible phototoxic impacts on the retina must be considered at the same time. The GoodLight LED technology used in the OS 4 offers an optimum mixture of visualisation and safety, because it has very low toxicity and extremely good contrast and light – thanks to GoodLight LED.

The light spectrum in the OS 4 can be individually set and adjusted to the relevant requirements. The color spectrum is individually adjustable, yellow and blue can be mixed as desired on the screen. A filter change is not necessary. The comfortable and precise "Comfort Connector" allows a quick and safe connection to all light guides.

Advantages of GoodLight LED

  • Cutting-edge GoodLight LED technology with double light source
  • Yellow and blue can be individually mixed on the touchscreen
  • Particularly homogenous illumination and improved contrast seeing
  • More precise and more comfortable Comfort Connector to all light probes
  • Integrated GoodLight technology for safe work
  • Intensified light probes at 25G

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