Power LED technology

Intraocular illumination is an important factor in cutting-edge vitreoretinal surgery. For precise work in the vitreous body, it is essential that tissue structures are clearly illuminated to ensure best possible contrast. Yet, possible phototoxic impacts on the retina must be considered at the same time. The Power LED technology used in the OS 4 offers an optimum mixture of visualisation and safety, because it has very low toxicity and extremely good contrast and light – thanks to Power LED.

The comfortable and precise Comfort Connector allows a quick and safe connection to all light guides.


More brightness and homogeneity for even greater safety

Thanks to the new Power LED, the light output in the OS 4 has been increased by an additional 45 percent - for perfect illumination and visualisation during all manoeuvres, extending to the periphery.

The OS 4 has a double light source that provides superb homogeneous illumination thanks to its cutting-edge LED technology. The newly enhanced control range can be combined perfectly with the 3D microscope for low lumens.


Power LED Plus

The colour spectrum of the second light source – the Power LED Plus – is individually adjustable. At the touch glass screen, yellow and blue can be mixed easily and to any extent you desire. This brings about high-resolution contrast viewing where the finest tissue structures can be visualised.

Advantages of the Power LED technology

  • Latest Power LED technology with double light source for homogeneous illumination and high durability
  • Power LED with 45% more light output
  • Power LED Plus with free colour selection, yellow and blue can be mixed at the touch glass screen in any way you want
  • Increased patient safety as a result of decreased phototoxic exposure on account of lower setting options
  • Enhanced control range for low lumens, perfect combination with 3D microscope
  • Extremely homogeneous illumination and high-resolution contrast viewing
  • Precise and comfortable Comfort Connector to all endo illuminators

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