HFDS DryLab Kit

The HFDS DryLab Kit offers new possibilities to demonstrate our proven HFDS glaucoma technique in a new and even simpler way. With this compact, mobile and flexible training tool, we provide a more impactful first introduction into HFDS than ever before. It offers all you need for a successful first demonstration and training of HFDS. The HFDS DryLab KIT comes with:

  • Reusable artificial HFDS eyes (divided into 4 quadrants) with tiltable holder
  • Integrated USB camera for live stream on your notebook
  • Relevant accessories to perform HFDS as gonioscopic lens, viscoelastics and more
  • Reusable HFDS Glaucoma tip with its diathermy handpiece
  • DryLab KIT instructional video


  • Remote application with HFDS
  • Impactful and easy demonstration
  • Mobile and flexible in training
  • Compact transport solution
  • Independent from wetlab environment

Only for training: The HFDS DryLab KIT is only available for our distribution partners and sales representative.


    «We are currently experiencing an increasing development of new micro-invasive procedures in glaucoma surgery. An essential prerequisite for an excellent postoperative result and sufficient pressure reduction is not only the procedure itself but, above all, safe and competent handling. The HFDS DryLab KIT makes it possible to efficiently train the established "High Frequency Deep Sclerotomy" method to achieve optimal patient results with a swift learning curve D

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Robert Kromer
    nordBLICK Eye Clinic, Germany

    «The HFDS Drylab Kit and the associated artificial eyes are a very useful aid for the inexperienced and untrained HFDS user. Visualization of the chamber angle, positioning of the HFDS tip and application can thus be practiced without risk D

    Dr. med., F.E.B.O. Lutz Blomberg
    Augenzentrum Hildesheim-Alfeld, Germany

    «This DryLab KIT works! This is the first time that an artificial eye model really enables surgeons, who are new to this technique, to realistically experience and practice the procedure  to be ready to perform HFDS on patients after this training.
    The positioning of the eye and the visualisation of the angle and trabecular meshwork are very, very close to the human anatomy D

    Dr. Florian Sutter
    Augenklinik Herisau and Appenzell, Switzerland

How does it work?

Are you wondering how the HFDS DryLab KIT works? Learn more how to set up the HFDS DryLab KIT in this instructional video.

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Only for training: The HFDS DryLab KIT is only available for our distribution partners and sales representative.

First impression of the HFDS DryLab KIT

What is your benefit of drylabs?

Katarzyna Zimmer
Wroclaw Medical University, Poland

Your first impression about the HFDS DryLab KIT?

Dr. Michal Cieplucha

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