Faros in vitreoretinal surgery

As a compact high-performance device, Faros has set new standard in terms of functionality and quality. The Caliburn trocar systems create ideal access to the posterior segment and allow for smooth cuts and superb wound tightness. The LED Goodlight technology ensures excellent light conditions. The pneumatic continuous flow-cutter benefits from Oertli’s unique fluidics concept by allowing for up to 10,000 cuts a minute and enables continuous flow and optimum portioning of vitreous body parts to be removed. The innovative Membrane FEELceps ensure strong and optimally dosed holding power and absolute precision.


In vitreoretinal surgery, an essential requirement is a simple cannula system that ensures fast, flexible and safe work and best possible postoperative results. Oertli fulfils these requirements in an ideal way – with the Caliburn trocar system.

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Intraocular illumination

A high visibility during interventions in the posterior segment is vital for all eye surgeons. Different illumination options are available from bimanual pars plana vitrectomy with a chandelier to panorama and widefield illumination.

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Transscleral illumination

Transscleral illumination has been introduced as one alternative illumination method to achieve wide field fundus examination. The ViPer illuminated scleral indentor ensures simultaneous indenting and transscleral illumination during interventions in the posterior eye segment.

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Vitreous body removal

A vitreous body removal ought to be performed in cases of diseases of the retina or the vitreous body, inflammations within the eye, or severe vitreous opacities. By removing the vitreous and replacing it with aqueous fluid or replacement fluid, seeing can be improved again. Oertli uses fluidics based on physics to support an efficient vitreous body removal.

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You need to have optimum control of the infusion pressure for both injection and extraction. Faros offers the surgeon a two-way-stop-cock that can easily be controlled at any time. In regard to injection/extraction, Oertli has made great use of the advantages of physics and fluidics and has brought about consistent safety and superb user-friendliness.

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Endo diathermy

Diathermy is used in manifold ways in vitreoretinal surgery and can be used to stop bleedings. Thanks to the cleverly thought out technology, Oertli surgical platforms have paved the way for extremely fine and directly controllable dosing of high-frequency energy. Therefore, applications of bipolar technology can be performed even more precisely and safely.

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Cataract surgery

Thanks to Oertli innovations such as easyPhaco and HF capsulotomy, cataract surgery can be performed more quickly, safely and calmly than ever before.

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Glaucoma surgery

In the treatment of glaucoma, Oertli's HFDS ab interno MIGS technology provides excellent long-term results.

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