Fluidics based on physics

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easyPhaco technology was developed for safe and efficient phacoemulsification. Thanks to Oertli’s unique fluidics concept, easyPhaco allows direct control over fragments and ensures a high holdability. The occluded fragments absorb the ultrasound energy and are then efficiently aspirated with no clogging. The infusion capacity is seven times higher than the aspiration volume, enabling steady intraocular pressure for a stable anterior chamber.easyPhaco is available for incisions from 1.6 mm to 2.8 mm.

How easyPhaco works in practice

How easyPhaco works in theory

Direct fragment followability

The high vacuum setting and the wide infusion path of the easyTips create a direct flow to the tip. This results in a magnet-like attraction of the fragments.

Strong fragment holdability

The easyTip's unique bevel of the tip opening has been designed to hold fragments firmly at the tip. Thanks to the high vacuum created, fragments are no longer repelled.

U/S energy absorbed by the occluded fragments

Thanks to the strong holdability and the longitudinal movements of the easyTips, ultrasound is axially directed to the occluded fragments.

Smooth fragment aspiration

Following an occlusion break, the capillary aspiration path of the easyTips provides continuous aspiration. The high vacuum setting prevents clogging, and fragments are smoothly aspirated.

Stable anterior chamber

A seven times higher infusion capacity favours constant intraocular pressure.

Advantages of easyPhaco®

  • easyPhaco technology, developed for safe and efficient emulsification
  • Fragment followability and holdability thanks to Oertli's fluidics concept
  • Ultrasound energy absorbed by occluded fragments
  • Smooth fragment aspiration without clogging
  • Stable anterior chamber
  • Available from 1.6 mm to 2.8 mm incisions

Oertli data on file
Performance and result depend individually on the use

easyPhaco in application

Handpiece & phaco tips

easyPhaco®  handpiece
Having an outside diameter of 13 mm, an internal infusion tube, being extremely light weight (42 grams) and completely made of titanium, the Oertli easyPhaco handpiece has set the standards since 2002. The handpiece, which is equipped with 6 piezo crystals, is ideally suited for easyPhaco technology and MICS. The flexible cable and the grip of the five rubber rings on the handpiece support the user's comfort.

Phaco tip easyTips
The easyTip's unique bevel of the tip opening has been designed to hold fragments firmly at the tip. Thanks to the high vacuum created, fragments are no longer repelled. The single use easyTips come along with an irrigation sleeve, a test chamber, a phaco and an emergency key. The easyTip product range offers six different tips. From CO-MICS up to 3.2 mm incisions.

Watch the experiences of two experts

Fluidics in Cataract Surgery - safe and efficient phaco

Prof. Arnd Garndorfer
MVZ Memmingen, Germany

Length: 105s

Management of Hard Nucleus

Suhas Haldipurkar, MD
Laxmi Eye Institute, India

Length: 150s

easyTip product range

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Cataract surgery

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    «Until now I have strong confidence in the Oertli phaco machine regarding the power, holding strength and anterior chamber stability. The six-piezzo phaco handpiece remains cold throughout the procedure. This machine is portable, lightweight and versatile for use in mass eye-camp cataract surgery and performs well at any site.»

    Dr. Vidyapati Mangunkusumo
    Jakarta Eye Center, Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia
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    «We have been using CataRhex 3, Faros and OS 4. They are all wonderful machines giving us confidence that they will go through hardest of cataracts with extreme safety. They also make life easier while performing posterior segment surgeries. They are easy to maintain and the reliability factor is very high. What more can a surgeon ask for.»

    Dr. Khurram A. Mirza
    Hameed Latif Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
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    «I have been using the CataRhex 3 for the past years in most of my cataract cases. I found it satisfactory and I am really happy with the effectiveness in all kinds of cataracts. Stable, reliable and effective.»

    Dr. Ayman Mdanat
    Ammon Eye Center, Amman, Jordan
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    «After using the CataRhex 3 for more than 5000 cataract cases, my opinion is: the anterior chamber is really stable, can be used for any grade of cataract, safe for cornea endothetial, faster visual recovery, and very ideal for World Vision 2020 program. Moreover, the consumables and the maintenance of the machine are economical. It’s a truly mobile phaco machine.»

    Dr. Rezaldi Pratama
    Ichsan Medical Centre Hospital Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia
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    «As running three different OR teams, I need CataRhex 3 platforms, that all my teams can easily and efficiently rely on. Still what impresses me the most, is using the Oertli easyTip. Specially, in stony hard cataract cases what we handle in Upper Egypt.»

    Dr. Lotfy Girgis Abdalla Eshak
    Sohag Teaching Hospital, Sohag, Egypt
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