Less traction force at the retina
Unlike traditional guillotine cutters with their open and closed position, the port of the Continuous Flow Cutter remains always open. A 0.1mm wide double-edged blade cuts forth and back, therefore the number of vitreous portions per cycle is doubled. This can reduce vitreous removal times and provides even with small gauge cutters high speed cutting while providing continuous aspiration.

Inventing the pneumatic push-pull principle
Oertli achieved its international breakthrough in vitreoretinal surgery by inventing the first vitrectomy cutter in 1971. Also, the push-pull principle for pneumatic cutters is an invention by Oertli. The pneumatic push-pull principle uses pneumatic force for both, the forward and the backward movement. This results in a repeatedly high cutting force in both directions and eliminates the hysteresis of spring driven systems due to their limited physical conditions.

Features and benefits of the Continuous Flow Cutter

  • Continuously open port provides less traction force at the retina1
  • Full aspiration control with unique SPEEP pump2,3
  • Minimal port-to-surface distance designed for close cutting at the tissue
  • Consistent cutting performance with up to 10'000 cpm thanks to 100% quality checks4
  • High speed cutting with pneumatic push-pull principle invented by Oertli

Duty cycle is no longer an issue
Duty cycle becomes obsolete as the port is always open. The Oertli fluidics make use of the physical principle to its advantage. The unique SPEEP pump combines the best features of the peristaltic and Venturi pump systems, as flow and vacuum can be controlled at the same time. This provides full aspiration control and precision in modern vitreoretinal surgeries.

Close cutting at the tissue
The minimal distance 0.17mm (27G) from the port opening to the surface is designed to provide a close access to the tissue allowing precise maneuvers at the retina.

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Continuous Flow Cutter disposable
VV104110 Continuous Flow Cutter 20G,
sterile/single use, box of 10
VV106110 Continuous Flow Cutter 23G,
sterile/single use, box of 10
VV105110 Continuous Flow Cutter 25G,
sterile/single use, box of 10
VV107110 Continuous Flow Cutter 27G,
sterile/single use, box of 10



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Oertli data on file
1 Compared to previous generation of SPS cutter
2 SPEEP pump has pre-set of maximum flow rate
3 Modulation according to the principle of the peristaltic pump
4 100% final inspection with cutting test