The wireless and dual linear foot pedal is the multifunctional control centre of the OS 4. Manufactured from robust metal, the pedal responds precisely and without delay to the surgeon’s commands.


Dual linear versatility

In the OS 4 pedal, the dual linear control can be perfectly matched to the surgeon’s wishes and needs. The modern multifunctional pedal allows comfortable and independent work while boasting intuitive navigation throughout all surgical steps. Six auxiliary buttons can be assigned to various functions, such as switching between functions or colour settings. Over 100 setting options are available.


Integrated laser pedal

Laser function under perfect control: When using the integrated endo laser, the pedal becomes a true laser pedal – immediately ready for use and controllable without delay

  • Dual linear multifunctional pedal enables comfortable and independent work
  • Wireless communication, pedal can be placed anywhere in the OR
  • Runtime up to 50 hours
  • Laser controllable via the same pedal
  • Individually programmable for up to 50 surgeons
  • Over 100 setting options for individual operation for the surgeon
  • Fast and easy programme and function changes
  • Integrated rest position

Multifunctional pedal with over 100 setting options

Oertli data on file

The OS 4 is not available for sales in the U.S.

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