A pedal of world class

The wireless dual-linear foot pedal is the multi-functional control unit and control centre of the OS 4. Made of strong metal and processed with the highest degree of perfection, the pedal absorbs the surgeon’s commands instantly and sensitively.

Dual-linear invention

Oertli invented the dual-linear foot control back in 1985 and has continuously perfected it ever since. It offers unsurpassed precision in difficult manoeuvres and boasts all advantages of the peristaltic pump in vitreoretinal surgery. The flow can be controlled even in the finest range, the cutter remains controllable at any time, irrespectively of whether you perform a single cut or work at the highest speed.

In its most intelligent form, the dual-linear control becomes manifest in the OS 4 foot pedal. The pedal provides the surgeon with total control and can be attuned to the surgeon’s wishes and needs. Various functions can be assigned to the six auxiliary switches, e.g. switching between programmes or modulation of ultrasound power output. When using the integrated endo laser, the pedal instantly becomes a laser pedal without any manipulations required.

Individual settings can be programmed for up to 50 surgeons. The pedal is waterproof and takes up little space, it can easily be moved with the foot and ensures fatigue-free operation. The integrated high-performance batteries boast a runtime of up to 50 hours.