HF bipolar diathermy

The bipolar diathermy function of the CataRhex 3 has a number of applications such as the unique capsulotomy technique. Handpieces and the easy to attach tips are manufactured from high-quality titanium.

Advantages of HF bipolar diathermy

  • One function for several applications: Oertli capsulotomy
  • Fine and controlled dosing of HF energy
  • High-quality titanium handpieces and tips

Instruments and accessories

Diathermie handpiece, reusable
VE201710 Diathermy handpiece, long, reusable
VE201712 Diathermy handpiece, short, reusable


Diathermy tip, reusable
VE201722 Diathermy tip Eraser, 50° beveled, reusable


Oertli data on file