HF bipolar diathermy

The pioneering control systems of the surgical platforms by Oertli allow for extremely fine and directly controllable dosing of HF energy, optimally designed for proven applications in bipolar technology. Tips with their well-thought-out geometry and choice of material truly make diathermy to an instrument of precision. Even at low output, the high-frequency diathermy by Oertli creates an extraordinary effect. High-quality titanium hand pieces and innovative tips ensure both precision and safety.

Advantages of HF bipolar diathermy

  • Fine and directly controllable dosing of HF energy
  • High-quality hand pieces of titanium
  • Tips with well-thought-out geometry and high-quality materials
  • High efficiency already at a low power output
  • No clogging of tips thanks to clever choice of material

Instruments and accessories

Diathermie handpiece, reusable
VE201710 Diathermy handpiece, long, reusable
VE201712 Diathermy handpiece, short, reusable


Diathermy tip, reusable
VE201722 Diathermy tip Eraser, 50° beveled, reusable