True Flow Control

With its fluidics concept that makes excellent use of physics and fluidics, Oertli has led flow and vacuum control to perfection. Thanks to True Flow Control, you can finely tune the flow with the dual-linear foot pedal in an incredibly subtle way – resulting in impressive precision and a high occlusion vacuum. Thus, full control in every possible situation has been achieved, for example in peripheral vitrectomy, detached retina, shaving or peeling. Neither additional software manipulations nor a duty cycle control are necessary any longer.

In vitreoretinal surgery, Oertli has already set standards with its dual-pneumatic Twinac drive that boasts great cutting force and traction-free high-speed cutting. Next, the Oertli continuous flow cutter was a significant quantum leap. The continuous flow cutting concept allows for continuous flow without any fluctuation. While with a standard cutter, the flow is interrupted with ever cut, the continuous flow cutter ensures traction-free and precise flow as well as rapid aspiration and ideal portioning of the vitreous body for removal. The new SPEEPMode with new fluidics make flow and vacuum a dynamic yet directly controllable tool for unimaginably precise and efficient vitreoretinal surgery.

Advantages of True Flow ControlTM

  • Oertli’s fluidic concept works with physics – additional software manipulations are no longer necessary
  • The continuous flow cutter for 100 % continuous flow
  • Perfect portioning in the vitreous body removal process
  • Highest degree of efficiency in central vitrectomy
  • Maximum precision and safety in the periphery
  • Perfect precision in all manoeuvres

Instruments and accessories

Continuous Flow Cutter disposable
VV104110 Continuous Flow Cutter 20G,
sterile/single use, box of 10
VV106110 Continuous Flow Cutter 23G,
sterile/single use, box of 10
VV105110 Continuous Flow Cutter 25G,
sterile/single use, box of 10
VV107110 Continuous Flow Cutter 27G,
sterile/single use, box of 10


SPS vitrectomy cutter, disposable
VV104010 SPS cutter 20G, sterile/single use, box of 10
VV106010 SPS cutter 23G, sterile/single use, box of 10
VV105010 SPS cutter 25G, sterile/single use, box of 10



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