As an all-in-one surgical system for cutting-edge eye surgery, the OS 4 is a complex masterpiece of surgical technology. This, however, does not mean that the surgical platform is complicated to operate. The contrary is true: everything about the OS 4 is clear and simple. This makes operation comfortable, understandable and safe – for both OR personnel and surgeons. Voice messages, available in several languages, optimise safety additionally. Moreover, the surgical platform is ready for action incredibly quickly: 15 seconds after the device has been switched on, it is ready for operation. Among other advantages, this fact results in amazingly short time spans between different surgeries. The OS 4 increases efficiency in the OR noticeably – and it is not least because of this efficiency that costs are saved as well.   


The user-friendliness of the OS 4 already starts with the preparation for surgery. All connections at the front are at the same operational height and easily accessible. All instruments can be plugged in from the front easily thanks to unmistakable coding. The cassette inserts itself gently into the device, which is ideal for operation in the sterile field.


The simple 15-inch touchscreen gently guides the eye to the correct function without causing any confusion. The proven DirectAccess of Oertli has obtained hugely extended functionality in the OS 4! The graphic display is simple, friendly and provides for optimum user-safety: you instantly know what the situation is like, and the function can be mastered easily within seconds. With the OS 4, there is no confusion due to unnecessary displays or delays resulting from complicated menu navigation.   

Instrument table

The optional instrument table (80 x 35 cm) can be fixed at the position you wish. If you do not need the table, it can easily be folded in sidewise in hardly any time.


The wireless and dual-linear pedal of the OS 4 is the reliable control unit for surgeons; it is versatilely programmable and intuitively controllable. It comes close to an ankle joint that absorbs all movements of your foot in a fatigue-free manner. You will find more information on the high-performance pedal of the OS 4 here.