Illumination is of invaluable importance in eye surgery. The choice of the right light source is decisive for achieving high-quality intra-ocular illumination and simultaneously preventing phototoxic impacts and damages to the eye. GoodLight LED absorbs wavelengths of below 435 nm, thus considerably reducing the risk of photoretinitis. The light spectrum in the OS 4 can be individually set and adjusted to the relevant requirements.

Advantages of GoodLight LED

  • Cutting-edge GoodLight LED technology with double light source
  • Yellow and blue can be individually mixed on the touchscreen
  • Particularly homogenous illumination and improved contrast seeing
  • More precise and more comfortable Comfort Connector to all light probes
  • Integrated GoodLight technology for safe work
  • Intensified light probes at 25G

Instruments and accessories

Illuminator, disposable
VV300101 Endo illuminator 90°, 20G, micro-connector
VV300103 Endo illuminator 90°, 23G, micro-connector
VV300105 Endo illuminator 90°, 25G, micro-connector
VV300191 Endo illuminator panorama, shielded, 20G, micro-connector
VV300194  Endo illuminator panorama, shielded, 23G, micro-connector
VV300195 Endo illuminator panorama, shielded, 25G, micro-connector
VV300152 Chandelier illuminator panorama with trocar, 25G for 23G and 25G
VV300197 Endo illuminator widefield, shielded, 27G, comfort connector



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